How To Cool Your Mattress

If you’re having trouble sleeping due to joint discomfort caused by an accident, arthritis, or fibromyalgia, a memory foam mattress that conforms to your body can be an excellent alternative for alleviating pressure spots and re-aligning your spine. You can get more information by visiting bestmattress-brand.

Memory foam mattresses, which are composed of polyurethane and other compounds derived from petroleum, are primarily defined by two characteristics:

Viscosity – when pressure is applied, the material moves slowly and grudgingly.

Elasticity – the capacity of the mattress material to alter shape yet revert to its original shape.

While shopping for memory foam mattresses, you’ll notice a wide variety of viscosity, elasticity, and density from various mattress companies. Its compression rating determines the density of a mattress, and in general, more great-density mattresses have a longer lifespan than lower-density mattresses. You’re likely to come across memory foam throughout your search: 1) standard memory foam, 2) memory foam that is cool to the touch, and 3) gel-infused memory foam.

  • Utilize Bed Jet to provide ventilation

The main reason you feel warm and wake up is that the heat and moisture are contained when your body dips into the viscoelastic wetness and “hugs. “The Bed Jet, an air-powered temperature control system for your bed, has vital ventilation to help alleviate trapped heat and humidity in your memory foam mattress. It is compatible with any size or kind of memory foam mattress and circulates air underneath your bedding to remove trapped heat and moisture.

  • Reconsider the fibers that comprise your sleeping environment.

One technique to keep your memory foam mattress cooler is to modify (or eliminate) some of the textiles in your sleeping environment.

Sheets and blankets. Which sort of sheets and bedding do you use? Blankets and coverings that worked well with a standard spring mattress may not function adequately with a memory foam mattress. Your extra-thick blanket or comforter may be excessive, and you may benefit from lower thread count cooling sheets for increased breathability.

Pajamas and nightgowns. When it comes to sleeping on memory foam and minimizing nighttime sweat, the less sleepwear you wear and the lighter the fabric of your pajamas, the better. Avoid heavier materials such as wool and flannel in favor of light, breezy, cooling cotton pajamas.

  • Upgrade your bed frame to improve ventilation.

While you cannot alter the airflow in the locations where your body makes contact with your memory foam mattress, you may increase the memory foam’s general breathability by using the proper bed frame. The best bed frames for ventilation, according to, are those with evenly spread slats. This sort of frame provides ample space for air to circulate freely from the mattress’s underside.

  • Purchase a bed cover or cooling pad.

When a cooling sleep pad cannot remove trapped extreme heat from your bed, it may help avoid sinking or hugging when you put a cover or light mattress topper on your memory foam mattresses, such as a Sleep Number Cooling Pad or another brand. While a temperature control mattress topper, such as a dual temp mattress pad, might be an expensive purchase, the less you sink into your mattress, the less heat the mattress can collect. When combined with BedJet’s convective and evaporative cooling technologies, you may discover that your hot sleep problem is resolved.

  • Allow Your Body to Cool Down

Another way to sleep cooler on a memory foam mattress is to cool down. Here are a few suggestions for reducing your body temperature before the night that has been discussed online.

• Before night, take a chilly shower to bring your body temperature down and prepare for sleep.

• Schedule your dinners earlier in the day. Avoid eating just before bedtime, as digestion might cause your body temperature to rise.

• Before going to bed, drink cold water.

• Avoid consuming alcoholic beverages before going to bed.

• Freeze your bedding momentarily before going to bed – this may sound strange, but many people swear by it!